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It’s June already and it’s hard to believe we’re now half way through 2016! It’s been a crazy month for the team at Future Lighting and we’ve got lots to be excited about throughout the summer. 
First stop, Royal Ascot on 17 June with our friends at News on the Block. We are really looking forward to sharing a day at the races with our industry peers; a day when we can all ignore the emails and focus on relaxing, having fun – and hopefully backing a few winners!  If you’re planning to be there too, do drop in to our tent to say hello; and share any tips you have. We will be located in the News on the Block Suite at The Lawn Club in the Queen Anne Enclosure.
We look forward to seeing you there.

We wish you all a great upcoming month and hope you enjoy reading this month’s news from all of us here at Future.


Look out for the new logo and branding from SafeContractor. Future Lighting is proud to be a member of this scheme – giving our clients the confidence to trust that health and safety will be a priority on their next lighting project.


Q What is kelvin?
A Kelvin is a thermodynamic temperature scale used to measure the heat of lighting.

In recent months we’ve noticed that LED manufacturers are boosting kelvin levels to make their lights brighter. That sounds like a great idea – but is it? Recent research shows that higher colour temperatures affect our bodies in different ways and if you have trouble sleeping it could just be your LEDs that are keeping you awake at night.
The domestic lighting market is being flooded with low quality, over-driven downlights with high kelvin ranges between 5700k-6200k.Customers are happy to buy them on the assumption that these fittings are more efficient. People are simply told the wattage they can expect or that their LEDs will produce ‘daylight’ - a colour often preferred by older people because it helps them see better when reading late at night. In fact this is a crucial time of day for our bodies - and it is certainly not the time to be exposed to higher colour temperatures.
Brighter isn’t always better
Artificial light has good and bad effects on human health. Light has a profound impact on our physiological functions and the results of government studies already show higher colour temperatures interfere with sleep. In a recent test, seven healthy men were exposed to the light sources of different colour temperatures (3000k, 5000k and 6700k) for six and a half hours before going to sleep. Subjects slept on a bed in near darkness (10 lux) after extinguishing the light, and their quality of sleep was recorded. The results showed that at 6700k the amount of deep sleep – which is vital to sleep quality - was significantly less compared with 3000k. Reports from other sleep studies agree with these findings, all coming to the same conclusion – keep the kelvin down.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. High output correlated colour temperature (CCT) also measured in kelvin, is increasingly used on our roads and in other outdoor environments, creating both light pollution and disruption to birds and other wildlife. Have you noticed that the Milky Way is harder to find these days? How I wish my kids could see it in all its glory..... the way we used to see it 20 years ago.
Helping customers choose
So why does it appear that no one is doing anything about this? Obviously sales people have a vested interest in selling their product and some – though by no means all – will sell you anything to make a pound. At Future Lighting we believe that people usually make the right choice if they understand what they are being sold, whether for a public or residential space. As lighting experts we never recommend using 5000k or 6000k. Instead, we advise customers to go with 4000k LEDS if they prefer something brighter than the standard 3000k in their homes.

What have we been up to:
A recent project for Future Lighting turned out not only to be good for business, but the block itself turned out to have an interesting history. The Art Deco Thames Eyot flats on the banks of the River Thames in Twickenham were built in 1935. They are located on the former site of Poulett Lodge, an eighteenth century mansion well known for its beautiful riverside gardens, which are still enjoyed by residents today. The former coach house and stables survive at Thames Eyot and the gardens also feature a stone loggia, thought to date from the eighteenth century, as well as a small square grotto with a barrel vaulted roof which is decorated with shell work and blue slag. For residents who want to make the most of their waterside location there is a boathouse, with wet dock, thought to date from the nineteenth century.
As part of a major redecoration project at the block, Sweeting Property Management commissioned a free site survey from Future Lighting to assess the existing lighting system and identify possible improvements. The survey revealed the need for new lighting to replace the outdated fixtures and fittings and to reduce energy use at the block which was plagued by high maintenance charges.
 Future Lighting designed, supplied and installed a new energy efficient lighting solution to reduce energy use and control lighting during unoccupied periods, while eliminating the considerable on-going maintenance costs. The savings made at the Thames Eyot flats are impressive. The lighting upgrade totaled £14,008 and will reduce energy costs from £5,000 to £535 per annum. Residents were delighted to discover that their return on investment (ROI) will be 33 months. In addition Future Lighting has given a five-year guarantee on the refurbishment and FREE on-going maintenance.
We are so excited to be involved with the design of the lighting system at the new Container Village in our home town of Loughton, that we have decided to take tenancy.  The concept is simple. Upcycled shipping containers are being used to create a fully-serviced community of business spaces, designed to appeal to entrepreneurs and start-ups who are being priced out of the traditional office market. Our designs have now been given the go-ahead and its full steam ahead with the build.  
Here’s a sneak peek of the development. 
It is with regret that we must advise our customers that the Flat Living Live! event scheduled for 6 -7  July has been cancelled by the organisers. While we are disappointed not to be able to showcase our business on this occasion, we will be in full support of any future events.  We apologise should this inconvenience any of our customers who were planning to visit us on our stand.  We hope to see you very soon.

Giving something back is important and we are presently looking for a small charity that we can partner with during the coming year.  If you know of one that could do with a helping hand please get in touch. 

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